Property Protection


A-1 Snow Removal has the personnel and equipment to clear your driveway quickly, reliably, correctly.  We continually monitor both future weather forecasts and current snowfall conditions and schedule our routes accordingly to get the most productivity from our crew and equipment.  While driveway snow removal might not be an exact science and we are all inconvenienced at times by the snow, our primary objective is to minimize the hassle it causes you.

Snow Removal Plans

Our equipment weighs a fraction of that of a full sized loader, which reduces the wear and cracking of your driveway.  With the chutes on our blowers, we are able to direct the snow to the safest and most convenient area.  In the event of an unexpected accident, we carry a $2,000,000 liability insurance policy (copy available upon request.)

A-1 Snow Removal uses Canadian made trackless tractors with high performance XX Blower boxes.  This arrangement creates the most powerful combination for blowing dry or heavy/wet snow and for cutting packed snow off your driveway.  Our tractors weigh only 6,500 lbs., or about the same as a full size pickup.  Driveway damaging loaders typically weigh 30,000 lbs.


We offer seasonal contracts with unlimited driveway clearings from the first snowfall of the season until April 30th.  Call 530-582-9281 for a quote for your home.